173 Carlyle House Rates 173 Carlyle House Historic Downtown Norcross

173 Carlyle House Rates Rental Rates for Indoor, outdoor, big or small, Events

We created the 173 Carlyle House Rates with budget-conscious brides in mind and have scoured the Atlanta wedding market to make sure we have accomplished this while still allowing you to have the wedding of your dreams!  Please be sure to check out our wedding venue pricing package here or request a full sales package with menu options and more details.

At the 173 Carlyle House in historic Norcross, we pride ourselves on a fair pricing experience. We consistently compare ourselves to other venues to make sure that we are offering you the best experience at a great price! We know that every day of the year is not the same, so we adjust our prices in and out of season as well as on certain days of the week so that you can tailor your date to fit your wedding budget. For example, if you consider a Friday night, Sunday, or during the day on Saturday instead of a Saturday night, you can save on both the food minimum and facility fee! Our award-winning chef provides great food at prices that will allow you to find the perfect fit for your guests.  Please make sure to read our reviews and you will confirm that we have amazing cuisine at incredible prices.

Rental Rates

– Rental Fee (based on the month, day, and time- $ 900.00-$1400.00
– This reserves the date and time of your function. This includes the dance floor, tables, Chiavari Chairs, white linens, linen napkins, glassware, china, silverware, hurricane glass with a candle on a mirror, and set up and clean up. The entire Rental Rate and a signed contract are required to reserve the date and time of your function.
– 4 Hours use of the facility for reception and Exclusive use of grounds during your rental time only.
– Maximum stay for day events is 4:30 PM.
– Evening time beginning at 6:00 PM or later.
– Additional Hours are $500.00 per hour.
– $1000.00 catering deposit is due at the first planning session, one half of the estimated events cost should be paid for three (3) months prior to the event, all food cost plus alcoholic beverages paid one (1) week prior to the event.
– Saturday night functions must meet a $5,200.00 food minimum plus, dessert, beverages,
service charge, and sales tax.
– All functions must meet a food minimum of $27.00p.p. plus beverages, dessert, sales tax, and
service charge.
– Venue Coordinator fee of 350.00 for reception only 400.00 for ceremony + reception.

With Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Ceremony:

– $700.00 Fee for Indoors Wedding Ceremony. (200 chairs included)
– $700.00 Fee for Outdoors seated Wedding Ceremony. Fee includes 75 chairs. Additional
chairs are available for $3.75 per chair.
– $150.00 Transfer Fee for last minute change from outdoors to indoors
-This fee includes 45 minutes for the rehearsal the night before. It also includes all set up and
breaks down. The bridal party is allowed to arrive 2 hours before the ceremony start time to get
ready or take pictures. Rehearsal time is determined by the Carlyle House. Typically the night
before either 4:00-4:45 or 4:45-5:30. Wedding Ceremonies must start 30 minutes after
starting time on the contract.

Facility Capacity

– 300 guests for reception inside the whole facility only. More if the terrace is used.
– 200 guests seated all together using the Ballroom only.
– 400+ guests using the terrace outside and the inside.
– Terrace outside 300+ for seated ceremony and 200+ outside dining on the terrace alone.


– $5.50 per person for unlimited coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks when served with alcoholic
beverages. Beer and Wine charged on consumption.
– $9.50 per person for unlimited mixers, coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks. The client provides hard
liquor. Alcoholic Beverages charged on consumption.
– $6.50 per person for unlimited coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks when served without
alcoholic beverages.
– 1.50 per person for homemade fruit punch
– $1.50 per person for an enhanced coffee station with whipped cream, flavors, and chocolate

Alcoholic Beverages

DOMESTIC BEER – $4.00 per bottle.
IMPORTED BEER – $5.00 per bottle.
-22.00 a bottle. For a toast, one bottle will serve about 10 guests.
– $22.00 per bottle for House wine.
– Premium wines available at an additional cost.
– $125.00 for an additional bartender behind the first bar is required with 125 guests or more.
– $250.00 for additional bar and bartender.

Wedding Cake

– Cake for up to 75 people $450.00
– Cake for up to100 people $600.00
– Cake for up to150 people $750.00
– Cake for up to 200 people $950.00
– Cake for up to 250 people $1200.00
– $1.25 per person for cake cutting fee for cakes not provided by Carlyle House with a $150.00
maximum. Cakes brought in by an outside source will be set up by the person delivering them.
– All prices include cake table presentation with: cake knife, white plates, overlay, white lights,
cake riser, and cake cutting service. – These prices are based on a traditional cake (flavors
available upon request) with butter-cream icing, and a choice of filling.

Groom's Cake

– Cake for up to 75 people $450.00
– Cake for up to 125 people $650.00
– Cake for up to 150 people $750.00
– $0.75 per person for cake cutting fee for cakes not provided by us.
– All prices include a cake table presentation with a cake knife, cake plates, and cake cutting
service. -These prices are based on a traditional cake with butter-cream icing and a choice of
filling and design.