Kristin and Jonathan’s Wedding

173, Carlyle House 8-15-20


Kristin and Jonathan’s Wedding ceremony was at the Cathedral of Christ the King. We heard it was a beautiful ceremony. With most of the weddings these days, Kristin and Jonathan had to give up some of their dream ideas of their wedding.  Originally they had a guest list close to 150 people which they still had about half of their guests come which made the reception so much fun! Super kudos to them for navigating this whole thing like champs. Everyone really did a great job of making their wedding day look and feel perfect.


After the ceremony, everyone headed to downtown Norcross for the reception here at the 173 Carlyle House. They had individual plates with appetizers during the cocktail hour all of which were amazing. They loved the meal in the ballroom served by our staff. The Beef Tenderloin and Salmon Wellington were BIG hits. You could tell how happy all their friends and family were to be out celebrating them at the 173 Carlyle House.


All the guests had a seriously good time and they could not have had two better, loving, and more supportive families. We are so thankful they decided to take safety measures and still have their special day with us.  We know they will enjoy many, many, many years of happiness together!


Venue: 173 Carlyle House