November weddings just seem to remind me of Family, Friends, and Food. Amy and Matt’s wedding were lacking none of the above it was all kinds of fabulous!

The love between the families, the parents, the bride & groom, and the sisters were all amazing! The simple but beautiful flowers, the eggplant accents, the yummy food, and the music were all top notch.

The moment the 230 guests saw the Marines marching in the crowd knew they were in for a treat. Like an audible, put your hand to your heart kind of gasp, “WOW” included! We were all smitten with the bride and groom, such wonderful people.

About half way through the night the groom looked at me, their wedding planner, and said… “I am just a country boy and this night you have put together is amazing! Everything is perfect. I just wanted to Thank You if it gets too crazy at the end….YOU ARE MY HERO!!!” A United States Marine telling me I am his hero when really he is the hero…. Seriously it is times like that….I LOVE my job!!

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