Davis and Trisha’s Wedding

173 Carlyle House, 05-18-24


What an exciting weekend here in historic Norcross at the 173 Carlyle House. We hosted Davis and Trisha’s Wedding ceremony and reception! It was a perfect day after the rain moved out for a ceremony outside. The raindrops left a glistening sheen on the leaves and flowers. Everyone loved the outside ceremony and felt very comfortable on the terrace. The adorable umbrellas made a really cute pop also to an already beautiful setup.


The wedding guests enjoyed all the food. They all told us what amazing chefs we have. Even the outside vendors complimented us on how great the food was and they go to lots of events! :)Our award-winning chefs make the best food. The wedding guests also really enjoyed the full bar. They were so happy…. great food, drink, friends, and family!


What a FUN wedding with great people and of course an adorable bride and groom. Also special thanks to Rey and Katherine your photos are amazing. Wishing you both a wonderful life together, full of love, happiness, and cherished memories.


Venue: 173 Carlyle House | DJ: dkanthedj@gmail.com | Florist: Maria | Photographer: Reyk Photo | Planner: rachel.jubilee7@gmail.com