Kylee and Ben’s Wedding

St. Brigid Catholic Church 4-4-20


A lot of people have asked for pictures of Kylee and Ben’s Wedding so here they are. Some from friends, some from my camera, and lots from  Jennie Nedza Photography! I am so grateful she came and The Wedding Ninja, can’t wait to see his professional video! He was the 10th person in the Church! :)  This will be Something good to look at on Facebook in these very tough times. Many of you now know that 24 hours before Kylee and Ben’s Wedding they were told my Deacon Leo the Archdiocese of Atlanta had approved them to still get married with a total of 10 people!!! We all know they were missing a lot of special people/things they planned for but that is not what this is about. My neighbor told me we made Hard Lemonade out of lemons and I think he is right! I don’t think anyone here would have had it any other way!




  1. Kylee and Ben’s Wedding happened and my daughter married the man of her dreams which came with an amazing family! All I could think about during the ceremony is how happy my mom would have been! She LOVED Tall, Dark, and Handsome men! OH yes… and she would have loved the fact that he was Catholic! We LOVE Ben and his family and know he will always without a doubt be there for our daughter!


  1. As another friend said to me… I LOVE that you stripped away everything that we think is so important and made it about what it truly should be about! It made her CRY along with several others.


  1. I LOVE and I should be saying WE because William would agree with me on all of this for once. LOL! That we have a “REAL” daughter who was so HAPPY and didn’t need all the other stuff. Not once did she waiver she was all in whatever it turned out to be.


  1. I am also grateful she has a “REAL” sister (maid of honor) who stepped up her duties like she had aged 10 years in one day. She woke up at 7:00, I was wondering what in the heck is she doing, that morning to prepare dinner for them that night. She made filet Mignon, Lobster tails, veggies, and cheesecake while standing 6 feet apart from her Grandpa who is a Chef! After the ceremony, she ran to their house to set it all up! She also made her sister go through a spa treatment on the morning of the wedding… Jamison style! Jamison is way more prepared in that area. She actually made her whiten her teeth which Kylee thought was awful. She did Kylee’s make-up, drove the getaway car to the church with the bride, and did what would have been her Aunts reading at the church. The best man was nervous about the reading he did and Jamison told him don’t worry about it there are only a few people in there! :)


  1. We are so thankful for our friends/family who pulled together the best surprise for the bride and groom in the parking lot safely apart. They were shocked and loved seeing Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends. I have to say I also loved the COVID-19 beards on all the men! It was by far the best time I ever had in the Holy Redeemer parking lot and I did carpool there for 17 years! AND…. for all my HR friends the moms were supposed to walk into “There is a Redeemer” Kylee told me!


  1. Funny Fact…. The bridal flower we put together with the snowball bush in the yard! Jamison, as I said, did her makeup, and I did her hair. The hardest part was finding a dress to wear 2 hours before the ceremony started.


  1. Her grandparents were so happy When asked if they were okay not being inside William’s mom said… Darling… we are fine, GO GET MARRIED… We will have a BIG BIG BIG party when this is all over. Can’t wait for the wedding reception to bring these 2 wonderful BIG families together to celebrate BEN + KYLEE!


  1. Another funny fact the one song I told BEN he couldn’t have as their first dance song (Queen of the Doublewide) when he asked us if he could marry her was playing on a speaker when we walked out of the church! We have the FUNNIEST son and friends! Deep down I always knew the song would come into play somewhere, I just figured it would be Ben’s doing.


  1. I am thankful for Colton for driving from TN to step in as Best man! They are longtime Air force/football friends from the Academy and he made it with very little notice! Funny picture of them on the tractors it’s so crazy how different the groom/bride get ready for their BIG DAY!


  1. I am so thankful for GOD, our Health, our Church, our Deacon, and everyone who made this day so special. It was the BEST wedding ever. In times like this, you really reflect on what is important in life and it is everything above.