Laura and Andrew 173 Carlyle House Historic Downtown NorcrossGerise,

Thank you so much – everything was wonderful, the weather was completely on our side (woohoo!), and overall it just couldn’t have gone better! It seemed like everyone had a great time, and we’ve heard nothing but praises from all of our guests. We loved working with you, and it truly was the perfect wedding/reception for us! :)

We’ll give you a call with the card number for our remaining balance, and we wanted to also ask if you found the mic stand lying around? I know we put it in the bridal suite, but I guess it went missing when it came time to pack up… I was going to check with our other vendors as well, but thought I’d check with you first! :) Also, there may be a large white lantern in your bushes on the side of the front stairs??? – I noticed it was missing about halfway through the night, but never figured out where it went… it dawned on me today that it may have just fallen off the stairs at some point? Who knows!

We had so much fun and kinda wish we could rewind and repeat the night all over again – it went by so fast! :) Thank you so much again!!!