173 Carlyle House Winter Specials

Your romantic winter wedding at the 173 Carlyle House awaits

Be sure to ask about 173 Carlyle House Winter Specials. From January to March enjoy winter wedding pricing on select dates during the winter season. Click here to inquire about our winter wedding pricing or call 770-662-5800 for more information and to book your private tour!


Pros of Having a Winter Wedding

PRO: More flexibility on the date and an easier time finding vendors. Dates in the spring and summer months can be booked years in advance, so getting married during the “off-season” opens up doors to the best venues and the top vendors who may not have been available to you otherwise.

PRO: For budget-conscious couples, all major wedding expenses should be less expensive during winter months. A lower demand for vendors allows you to negotiate better prices for the same quality services.

PRO: Winter weddings create opportunities for fun, unique photographs. Think of wedding photos with fur wraps and rich, deep colors.

To book an appointment with one of our event specialists, please contact the 173 Carlyle House or call 770-662-5800 or send us an email at carlylehouse173@aol.com.