Our weekend of Christmas office parties was full this weekend. We had some parties that come every year and some new ones that said they will be back again next year. We see lots of parties but the office parties really seem to have lots of meaning too! A company Christmas party provides an opportunity for employers to truly thank their employees for a job well done as Christmas is close to the end of the year. Doing just that already provides a lot of long-term benefits for the company.

“We had a wonderful time and the food was amazing.  I think everyone wanted a “to go” and personal loan box. Lol!”

LaDonna Reynolds
Assistant Controller
Mölnlycke Healthcare-Finance

Being part of a Christmas party and mingling with everyone including the bosses gives employees the feeling that they belong to that particular group. It is a chance for employees to have fun with their colleagues. Other corporate events are held for the same reason.

That gives the company loyal, hardworking, and motivated employees. That results in higher productivity. We were so excited to be part of this and that they trust in us at The Carlyle House to make this event so special for all of them!