Allison + Michael


What an excit­ing week­end we had.…Allison & Michael signed the Ketubah, exchanged rings under the Hup­pah, and stomped on the glass. It was a per­fect day with beau­ti­ful, Sunny August weather! After appe­tiz­ers and drinks in the 1800’s part of the house every­one moved down to the ball­room for more food, fun, drinks, and dancing! A great time was had by all below is a thank you note the bride sent us the next day. When we get notes like this it really reminds of why we LOVE our job. Best of Luck to the sweet couple you guys make an awesome pair!



Thank you so much for everything!  The wedding – both the ceremony and the reception – was wonderful and you were such a tremendous part of it.  Thank you for helping with all of the details and for being there to oversee everything.  We will definitely be recommending the Carlyle House to others for their weddings!




P.S.  Thank you also for your help with the chuppah, shoe glue for Mike, and my shoe issue.  Those were all lifesavers!


P.P.S.  My parents left their empty yarmulke basket there last night.  We think it’s on the table/dresser near the back door near the parking lot.  Will someone be there today if they stop by to pick it up?



Congratulations Allison and Michael!