Dorian and Micah


We love July weddings they are so beautiful here at The Carlyle House. There are so many flowers in full bloom that just add a lot of color and atmosphere.

Sunflowers are one of the flowers that everyone seems to really love. I am not sure if it is the sunny color they sport or the fact that they seem to just scream happiness but they can really make a wedding pop with color. Dorian  chose the sunflower as her flower of choice at her wedding and worked it into every area of her decor.
The appetizers were a huge hit everyone always gets really excited to see shrimp cocktail. The Roasted Ribeye and Salmon Wellington were also real popular. They also had 2 more stations of food. Everyone LOVED THE FOOD…. below is a PS the bride sent us…..

PS Everyone has been raving about the food! We are so happy we had our reception with you!

What a great reception it was too.  I have no doubt everyone did take their favor of seeds and went home to plant them and watch the love of the bride and groom grow. What a fantastic couple!!!