Gene + Jennifer 4-20-13

The clear spring day was ideal weather to have a ceremony outdoors. The temperature was cooler than normal which seemed especially PERFECT! Make sure to check out the pictures of 1,000  paper cranes hanging outside on the porch. Jennifer informed me…The ancient practice of a man and a woman folding 1,000 cranes for their wedding is called Sembazuru. This is the time and energy put into  1,000 hand-folded origami cranes symbolizes the patience and trust necessary to sustain a happy marriage. Sounds like a lot of Good Luck to us!

The bride loves appetizers so it was quite the cocktail hour! Some of her favorites were the Crab cakes with  chutney, jumbo shrimp cocktail with spicy cocktail sauce, and mushroom caps stuffed with ground veal! All the guys loved the Scallops wrapped with Bacon too! It got even better when they moved to the ballroom with a seated dinner of Caesar Salad, Filet Mignon & Salmon, and assorted desserts! Not one person left hungry! What a wonderful reception great job Mr. and Mrs. Wood enjoy a long life of happiness….[complete_gallery id=”2221″ class=”aligncenter” ]