Heather and James


The weather was perfect, flowers were in full bloom, and love was in the air. These reasons alone make spring the perfect time to get married! What a beautiful day they had too. The ceremony was really cool with 3 amazing songs worked into it. They left to Happy, which is one of my personal favorites. They also managed to work in, All You Need is Love, by the Beetles and The way You Make me Feel, by Michael Jackson. It was definitely one of the most fun ceremonies we have seen. Everyone enjoyed hanging out on the front porch with their drinks and appetizers. The crab cakes and spicy chicken spring rolls were the favorites. Everyone enjoyed the yummy food in the ballroom too, the standouts were the Prime Rib and the Smashed Martini Potato Bar. All the guests had a great time dancing, eating, drinking, mingling, and enjoying the HAPPY couple! Wishing you many, many, years of Happiness!