Congratulations Ivey and Justin! 173 Carlyle House Historic Downtown Norcross
Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage

June has always been a popular month for weddings.  Named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage,  the ancients believed that June weddings would bring the marriage prosperity and happiness. We have no doubt that Ivey and Justin will have both. They are a perfect match! However, there are more modern reasons why so many women choose to be “June brides”.

Having a wedding in June can come with many benefits.  Schools are out of session, making travel easier for guests.  At The Carlyle House there are a variety of in-season flowers all around the terrace and yard.  June can also have great weather that is not too hot or cold, and a lower likelihood of spring showers. We couldn’t have asked for a better night for Ivey & Justin’s wedding the weather was amazing. The terrace was a big hit with lots of seating, food, drinks, fun, and just a beautiful night under the stars. Their 215 guests along with a few kids had a great time. The kids especially liked finding lighting bugs another wonderful thing to do in JUNE!  Her 93 year old grandpa was a huge hit. He didn’t miss a beat he got to every part of the house and had a great time too! We really enjoyed getting to know these two wonderful families!