Rebecca + Dallin 8-23-13

After a beautiful ceremony and reception in Utah the happy newlyweds had a reception for the Atlanta folks! On Saturday it went from pouring rain one minute to sunny skies the next. The timing couldn’t have been worse but amazingly it turned out just fine! Be sure to check out the pictures! This has been pretty typical of the weather all summer. We are so blessed the terrace isn’t grass we were able to turn it around with the highboys outside. We also had one of the food stations outside. It ended up being a very beautiful evening. Rebecca and Dallin ┬áreally got around and talked to everyone. The open house style reception worked out perfect. Everyone enjoyed watching the wedding video and looking at all the pictures. The guests had a great time moving around the room eating at the various food stations! From the looks of the empty plates nobody want home hungry. Congratulations to the wonderful couple you TWO are a PERFECT match! :)

“Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on”.