Travis and Jenna


We caught our first glimpse of fall last Friday and it was wonderful! It was finally a little cooler. Jenna and Travis could not have ordered up a better day. We loved all their DIY items! We especially loved the backdrop they made for the important I DO’s! The guests enjoyed all the beverages and appetizers in the old house while looking at some old photos and making new memories for their guest book. The baked brie and chicken salad stuffed tomatoes were loved by all! :)

Everyone was even more impressed when they moved to the ballroom for a full meal with lots more beverages, yummy food, and a delicious cake! Everyone had a wonderful time and Travis and Jenna couldn’t be more perfect for each other. We know they will enjoy years of happiness together! Thanks so much to Photos by Gannon for making our post look much better. These are some amazing photos!