Yolanda and Warrick


It was touch and go on the 26th with the weather. It rained a lot that day! Yolanda really wanted to have the ceremony outside and I don’t blame her. We were so glad she did because it couldn’t have been prettier. The terrace dries really fast and the rain stopped one hour before the ceremony. The Wisteria, Dogwoods, and Snowball bush were in full bloom. Even a few of the Azaleas had started blooming. It was so pretty!!!

The ballroom was gorgeous, we loved the sequin runners and the lanterns. Everyone loved the Chicken Marsala, Salmon Wellington, and the Top Round of Beef. The Smashed Martini Potato Bar was a huge hit also. The guests loved their wine bottle & Crown favors. Thanks so much for hosting your wedding with us. You guys make a great couple! :)