Deanna and Adam’s Wedding

173 Carlyle House, 10-6-19

Deanna and Adam’s Wedding had a beautiful indoor ceremony and reception at, the 173 Carlyle House. Their wedding turned out just perfectly and was true to them as a couple. Weddings are essentially a big celebration, and with all parties, come sweets and desserts. Two things that are loved and  highly looked forward to. Whether you’re set to have a wedding this year, know someone who is, or if you’re a wedding planner looking for ideas, you’ll want to see the pictures of all the fabulous sweets!

One thing is pretty certain, that there almost always will be cake at a wedding no matter what happens. Think of it as the standard-issue dessert choice for weddings, it’s a tried and true formula which has been going on for years and you can count on it! But let’s look beyond the standard tiered wedding cake their Bundt cakes were amazing and ohhhh so cute! The bride and groom also had adorable cookies and a candy station. When I say this wedding was SWEET I mean it was SWEET! :)

The food was awesome too everyone loved the buffet-style meal with lots of variety. The chicken and waffle sliders, French toast, and biscuits with gravy were a big hit! So glad they chose, the 173 Carlyle House in historic Norcross, to be part of their special day!


venue: 173 Carlyle House

Photography: Brian Dean Photography (not pics in this post)

Florist: Abby’s

Videographer: Imagine Video Productions

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Officiate: Mike Lowe