Eilidh and John’s Wedding


What an exciting weekend here in historic Norcross at the Carlyle House. We hosted the beautiful Eilidh and John’s Wedding reception! It was a perfect day for a wedding. We weren’t at the mercy of the weather outside because they had an amazing tent. The band kept things hopping outside and it was a major fun party! The Scottish touches were especially exciting the Kilts, Fascinators, and the Bag Piper were all incredible!

Everyone loved the hand passed appetizers the dates stuffed with blue cheese wrapped with bacon were the biggest hit. We go lots of compliments on the Petite Filet Mignon, Salmon, and the vegetable plate. The kids and their parents thought the chicken fingers were pretty amazing too. Even the band complimented us on how great the food was and they go to lots of events! :)Our award winning chefs really do make the best food.

When the groom changed clothes  and obliged with the complete kilt outfit the crowd went crazy! We’ve admitted it before, and we will again… We cry at ceremonies but not usually wedding receptions. To see the bride and her parents happy faces brought tears to our eyes! You would think we would get used to these tender moments…But we haven’t, and we still cry. What a fun wedding with 2 great families. Many blessing to the beautiful bride and handsome groom!


Venue: 173 Carlyle House 770-662-5800

Photographer: Alecia Lauren, 678-778-7832, (not photos in post)

Videographer: Caitlin Cooper, 404-434-0108

Florist: Maria Schendzelos, 843-452-9017

Band: Shimmer

Band Leader: Jay Hardie, 770-735-3999

Manager (ECE Entertainment): Terry Evans, (404)-351-1503

Cars/Buses: Atlantic Limo, 770-733-0751

Bagpiper: Wayne Coleman, 770-241-1053