Findley and Nathaniel


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our repeat customers!

Two years ago we hosted Findley’s sister’s wedding. We really got to know the family and they were so nice and fun to work with! We were really excited Findley and Nathaniel choose us to host their very special day!
We loved all their canvas pictures and wood signs. The decor was so pretty be sure to check out all the pictures. The biggest sign pretty much summed up their life together. ONCE IN AWHILE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ORDINARY LIFE, LOVE GIVES US A FARIYTALE! The coolest part is they had known each other since middle school! Never dated but had been friends for years and as the story goes something changed and the rest is history….What a fun night everyone loved all the music, dancing, yummy food, drinks, and just a perfect evening all the way around. We got so many complements from their family and friends!


I can’t tell you enough how perfect everything was last night! Everyone had a fabulous time, thanks to you and your staff who took such great care of us all!

We will come by on Monday to settle up our bill and collect our photo booth props (forgot to get those), if that works for you. Let me know.

Thanks again,
Judy and Larry