Jessica and Patrick’s Wedding

173, Carlyle House 9-26-20


Jessica and Patrick’s Wedding ceremony outside at the 173 Carlyle House was beautiful. I am sure it wasn’t the exact wedding any of us planned on with COVID but it turned out great. Jessica was beautiful and kind as always but on this special day, she was even more beautiful if that’s even possible. The groom looked pretty handsome also!


After the ceremony, everyone moved to the old house for appetizers and drinks. You could tell how happy all their friends and family that came were to be out celebrating them at the 173 Carlyle House! We made individual appetizer plates which all the wedding guests told us were so yummy!


All the guests had a seriously good time and they could not have had two better, loving, and more supportive families. We are so thankful they decided to have their ceremony and reception with us. Enjoy many, many, many years of happiness together!


Venue: 173 Carlyle House