Roger & Amy 6-22-13

      What an exciting weekend we had….Roger & Amy signed the Ketubah, exchanged rings under the Huppah, and stomped on the glass. It was a perfect day with beautiful June weather. After appetizers and drinks in the original house everyone moved down to the ballroom for a seated dinner.

      The reception started with a blessing over the Challah. Everyone loved the Salmon Wellington & Petite Filet Mignon. The assorted desserts and beautiful wedding cake were oh so yummy . The Carlyle House has an amazing pastry chef!

      No Jewish wedding isn’t complete without the Hora, or chair dance, A few strong brave friends hoisted the Bride & Groom high above the guests. Both sets of parents got a turn too which the crowd loved. A wonderful time was had by all…Best of luck to Roger & Amy they are amazing couple! :)

Joan Blumenfeld sent us this email!

Sent: 6/23/2013 4:32:35 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
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Hi Gerise,
Amy and Roger absolutely loved their wedding and that meant everything to Rick and I as we just wanted to make it a memorable event.  Everyone loved both the food and the venue, as well as the ceremony outside.  The service was wonderful as well.  We can’t thank you enough.

We checked very carefully and found all of our stuff when it was over.  However, I did forget to check outside where the service was.  We did leave the gray skull caps that some of the men wore during the service outside as well (I guess) as some of the programs.  Did anyone bring those in?  If so, we would love to come get them since they have Amy and Roger’s names inside them and the date of their wedding.  Whenever you get back to work, could you let me know if they are still there?

Thanks so much.
Joan Blumenfeld=

[complete_gallery id=”2889″ class=”aligncenter” ]Thank you so much Joan for your kind words! The Amy and Roger’s wedding was indeed a special event, and yes we found a few skull caps :)

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