Melissa and David’s Wedding

02-20-2022, 173 Carlyle House


We had so much fun planning and hosting Melissa and David’s Wedding Reception. They are a great couple and their families are so nice!

All their friends were wonderful and loved the Carlyle House too. They kept telling us how amazing the service, food, and venue were. They loved the hand passed appetizers, especially the Chicken Satay. Some of the other top favorites were the lamb chops and the pasta station.


For sure this couple wins the prize for best outfits. Both the groom and bride were dressed to impress. We couldn’t figure out which was our favorite but thinking the RED may be! So Handsome and Beautiful…


We are so glad the 173 Carlyle House got to be part of your special day. You guys make a wonderful couple!


Venue: 173 Carlyle House