Mike and Valerie


We love July weddings they are so beautiful here at The Carlyle House. There are so many flowers in full bloom that just add a lot of color and atmosphere. On July 23rd, I know some of the family thought we were crazy going for an outside ceremony when it had been raining all day. Valerie was determined to have an outdoor wedding and we are so glad she did. It literally stopped raining 20 minutes before her start time!!! We had the terrace dry and ready to go right when guests started arriving. It couldn’t have been more beautiful!


The guests really enjoyed all the yummy appetizers they picked out for their cocktail hour. The cheese puffs, crab cakes, and spring rolls were all huge hits! The guests were real impressed when we moved to the ballroom and they were treated to a wonderful meal. Everyone had a great time and Mike and Valerie were a wonderful couple to work with! We know they will enjoy many, many years of happiness together!