Sarah Had a Blast! 173 Carlyle House Historic Downtown NorcrossGerise,


Just had the chance to look at the link – loved it!!!  Thank you for such an amazing night – Sarah had a blast, and Tom and I could not have been more pleased with how everything went off.  The food was great, Carlyle House is an amazing venue, and the service including you and all your staff (LOVED your mother-in-law, too!) was superb!  You all made us feel like it was a special night for you, too – can’t believe you do this ALL the time!


It was truly a pleasure to meet with you and work with you and I greatly appreciated all your guidance and direction throughout the planning.  I will be absolutely thrilled to provide any future references, and I’m sure I’ll see you in just under three years (if not sooner) when Lindsey turns 13!


Hope to see you around St. Brigid and HR soon!




Thank you Jessica for you kind words. The 173 Carlyle House staff had a blast as well!
173 Carlyle House Staff