Rachel + Jeremiah


If I had to choose the number one thing that couples say they’re trying to do these days when it comes to their weddings, I would say one word: personalize. They want their wedding—and especially their ceremony—to really, truly, deeply reflect them. To not fit into some pre-existing cookie-cutter structure. They want their guests to leave their celebration saying, “Wow, that was so them.” I think Rachel and Jeremiah pulled this off!  From the lights over the ceremony, to the paper lanterns, mason jars with their initials, to the terrace games, the Chinese cookies and appetizers, and the unique table assignments everything was well thought out! Rachel was so positive it would all work perfectly there really wasn’t even a plan B. She just knew we would make it beautiful no matter what and we did!!! It turned out to be the most wonderful night after a lot of rain throughout the day. We LOVE the terrace so much it can rain cats and dogs and be dry 10 minutes later! We feel very fortunate to be a big part of such a big, beautiful wedding, Rachel and Jeremiah make a perfect couple!!! The LOVE between the two families was amazing and wonderful! :)