Tori and Cory’s Wedding

173, Carlyle House 2-18-23


Tori and Cory’s Wedding was at the Catholic Church and then headed to the 173 Carlyle House for their beautiful fun wedding reception. Everyone love the hand-passed appetizers the pirogues were the biggest hit. They were two of the sweetest people. You could tell how much they were loved by their friends and family.


Everyone enjoyed the food, drink, and atmosphere. The wedding guests were even more impressed when we moved to the ballroom for their seated dinner.  We heard over and over it was the best wedding food they had ever had. They also told us how great our staff was! The bride and groom had great taste when it came to the food selection!


Everyone had a seriously good time and they could not have had two better, loving, and supportive families. Enjoy many, many, many years of happiness together!



Venue: 173 Carlyle House | Photographer: Jordan Grimes  251-209-4233 | Videographer: Eric and Ginny Dooley [Eric’s #] 863-207-4551 | Florist: Elisa Antrom 404-697-3731