Lakeya and Leotis’s Wedding


The outdoor ceremony for the Lakeya and Leotis’s Wedding took place on the terrace at the 173 Carlyle  House in historic Norcross. It is surrounded with huge oak trees, and wonderful rose bushes. WHAT A DAY! It sure does seem the past couple of weddings have included a wedding day weather miracle! The weather was exceptionally good for the bride and groom that day! They exchanged heartfelt vows, while everyone watched and took it all in! The dancer spreading the rose petals was amazing. The bride couldn’t have been more stunning following behind her.

Guests then headed into the 1800’s part of the house for appetizers and drinks while the bridal party took photos. There are so many cool spots to take photos at the Carlyle House and around historic Norcross. Their reception took place in the ballroom everyone ate a delicious dinner and then danced the night away. The guests loved the seated dinner. The chicken and shrimp with a champagne sauce were perfect! Wishing the happy couple many, many years of happiness. Thanks for choosing The 173 Carlyle House for your special day!

Venue: 173 Carlyle House

Florist: Maria Schendzelos

DJ: Dj Perfect

Videographer: Jerry Mortel Jr

Photographer: Rachel Goodman Horton (not her pics in the post)

Photobooth: Mike Moon Studios