Phillip and Dorothy’s Anniversary Party



Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your 50th, we can all agree that love is pretty sweet and the 173 Carlyle House is the perfect place to celebrate. Phillip and Dorothy’s Anniversary Party was one of the cutest themed parties and one that we had never seen before. PIRATES… when I say everyone was into it that would still be an understatement. They had so much fun 2-92 years old… LOVED it. Even Captain Jack Sparrow showed up. The costumes were absolutely amazing!


There is nothing more beautiful in life than lasting love. Reaching a milestone is worthy of a celebration with family and friends. Everyone came to celebrate the fantastic event. The guests were so excited to be part of their special day. They loved all the food, the atmosphere, and the service. What better way to celebrate years of wedded bliss than with a fabulous party! Happy 50th you guys were the BEST!



173 Carlyle House