Tres and Courtney


There is no fooling anyone, The Carlyle House in historic Norcross, Ga was the best place to be on April 1st! What an amazing ceremony and reception with the most beautiful couple exchanging their vows! April is a wonderful month to get married. There’s the slight chance of rain, but there’s also the blooming landscape brimming with singing birds and the smell of a fresh new spring in the air before the heat of May and June arrive. We love the promise that April holds and it didn’t let us down one bit! The Azaleas, Dogwoods, and Snowball bushes were especially amazing this year. Maria Schendzelos also did a wonderful job with all the fresh flowers. Everyone enjoyed all the yummy food, mingling with friends, and making new friends. The guests loved being able to go inside and out with the wonderful weather. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Thanks so much to Courtney and Tres for letting us be part of such a glorious wedding!